Fohr Ground - Olivia Caputo - Episode 29

Aug 23, 2019

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Welcome to Fohr Ground: a podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

Olivia Caputo has only been a full-time influencer for a year. In her previous life, she grew up in Tampa, Florida, competed in pageants, and studied media communications. Today, she creates content for an audience of over one hundred thousand and counting. With that level of influence, she’ll be damned if she doesn’t use it for good.

At 23 years old, she’s very aware of who she is, her purpose, and her niche in the influencer space. That determination is evident from the moment you meet her. In this episode, we hear how rejections have motivated her and the importance of living in the moment.

As someone determined to use her platform for good, she’s transparent about her day to day life. It’s one of the reasons she opens up about mental health: from realizing she had anxiety, going to regular therapy, and opening up about those experiences to her followers.

Olivia is an advocate for honesty and positivity on social media, and her conversation with Tim is no different.