Fohr Ground - Sai De Silva (Scout the City) - Episode 24

Jul 19, 2019
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Welcome to Fohr Ground: a podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

We’re back from our month long hiatus with a brand new season. In episode 23, Tim sits down with Sai De Silva, the NYC based influencer and blogger behind Scout the City. She also happens to be the coolest mom we know.

As a Brooklyn native living in Canada, she began Scout the City in large part because she didn’t see a community of cool moms where she lived. The rest, as they say, is history. She now has an audience of over three hundred thousand on Instagram alone.

This episode is all about balance: how Sai manages work and life, plus motherhood and her own identity. If you’re familiar with her, you know her kids are a big part of what she does—whether that’s on her blog, Instagram, or YouTube. We hear how Sai approaches what’s shared online versus what’s not. She also gets into how motherhood has changed her and helped her hone in on her purpose.

Without giving away too much, it’s no secret that Sai manages to make balancing acts look so effortless. It’s clear that her entrepreneurial spirit touches everything she does.