Five influencers making real-world Impact (and who have the stats to prove it)

Jun 19, 2019

By Stephanie Rubin

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While there’s a sizable list of perks that come with having a following (hello, free shampoo and face oil!) there’s a certain responsibility that comes with the territory as well. Having an audience means having the ability to spread the word, after all. 

Here at Fohr, we’ve been giving a lot of thought to how we can use influence to drive real world impact within the community. Being in a space that can always use more authenticity and positivity, we’re on the constant journey of using our tech to find people who drive meaningful conversations, are doing impressive things, and who speak to their niche with style.

As a leader in the industry, we’re taking note of some incredible faces who are using their platforms to tell powerful and important stories. Whether activists, role models, business owners or professionals, these creators are leveraging their social channels to stand at the forefront of change – and they have the stats and metrics to prove it.

Reaching over 17 times her following tier’s Average Reach (yes, you read that right!), Gloria Monroy inspires hijabi women around the world with her flawlessly chic style. Gloria shares elegant looks and some shots of her adorable children. Her use of hijab-specific hashtags is likely the catalyst to her wildly impressive reach, and we’re here for it.  

Matt Bernstein is a content creator specializing in makeup artistry and photography. His work is fundamentally based on self-expression and uplifting the LGBTQ, and his feed certainly resonates with a large audience: he reaches nearly four times as many people as the average influencer within his following tier. His engagement is also exceptional, sitting 17.8% above his tier average. We love his niche rainbow-on-skin imagery.  

A musician, writer, speaker, and model, April Kae’s blog is dedicated to social justice and self-care. She engages in open discussions with her audience through her captions and comments, even doing mental health check-ins consistently. It’s easy to see why she reaches twice her following tier’s Average Reach with her posts.

Dani Carbonari is a Los Angeles based model, YouTube creator, and Instagram influencer advocating confidence for the plus size community by repping her curves. Along with fierce looks, Dani serves her audience with an uplifting attitude.  Compared to her following tier, her posts reach 35% more people. That’s over 50,000 Instagram users!

Afro-fusion dancer + choreographer Izzy Odigie has a knack for reaching people from all walks of life and inspiring them to have fun. Growing up dancing in Nigeria, Izzy eventually pursued her passion by cofounding TRYBE dance agency in New York at 18. Her influence comes from her ability to showcase different sides of herself, and she’s reaching 25% more people than the average influencer within her following tier. And that’s not all. For people within Izzy’s following tier (which is among the most saturated in terms of sponsored content) we typically see feeds made up of of 30%+ sponsored content. Izzy’s sponsored post percentage is a nice and low 7%, keeping her feed super authentic.