$2 million in 24 hours, breaking down We Wore What x Onia

May 9, 2019

By James Nord

Last week Danielle Bernstein launched her latest collaboration with Onia swimwear and sold nearly $2 million dollars of product in 12 hours. When I read about that the first thing I thought was "holy shit," then I thought let's dig into why it worked so well. I want to note before we dive in that this is all conjecture derived from looking through Danielle's Instagram and reading Rachel Strugatz’s BoF piece.

1. Frequency: Danielle posted about the collaboration eight times before it went live. Scientifically they say you need to see an ad seven times to begin to be swayed by it, so I think Danielle's push in the run-up to the launch played a big part of the success of the campaign.

2. Excitement: Remember the whole email and posy I wrote about The Rock x Under Armor campaign? This one felt very similar in that Danielle seemed really excited about it and took her audience on the journey of designing, shooting and launched the collaboration.

3. Product: The collection looked great and had over 30 SKU's, plenty of choice for people and easier to pull people in because she had so many pieces to talk about in the run-up and launch of the campaign.

4. Product posts: I thought it was interesting that Danielle would post a mix of editorial and product flat lays as a carousel in her posts. This would give us a chance to see the product styled on her but also a deeper look at the product itself, she also posted these flat lays before launch, something I don't think a traditional "brand" would do.

5. Campaign: They shot the campaign in Sicily which 1) Guaranteed beautiful imagery 2) Gave her a way to build even more excitement about the launch 3) She used her normal photographer she shoots with in NYC which made the campaign feel natural to her and her feed.

6. Authenticity: The beach and swimwear have always been a big part of Danielle's life and I think her audience looks to her as they shop for their summers.  

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