Fohr Ground - Adam Bartoshesky (Captain Barto) - Episode 16

May 3, 2019
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Welcome to Fohr Ground: a podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

In episode 16, Tim sits down with photographer Adam Bartoshesky also known as @captainbarto. He grew up in rural Maryland in a surfing family, having discovered photography through family surfing trips.

After college in Florida, he moved to southern California to pursue marketing for a surf company. To stay busy in his job search, he turned to photography. After assisting on a photoshoot, he hit it off with blogger Rocky Barnes and began working for her, quickly learning to navigate the business of social media. He also honed in on his photographic skills by shooting her for several brands.

Eventually, the camera was turned on him and Adam began doing brand work on his own Instagram account. With skills behind the scenes, he was a little shy getting in front of the lens, but the results speak for themselves. He has since worked with some of the biggest brands in the world on many great campaigns. He’s even expanded his social media presence to three additional accounts for his brand photography @captainscamera, personal film photography @forgottenframes, and stand-out yellow 1971 Chevy C10 @hunnythetruck.

The synergy between Adam’s love for surfing and film photography certainly make up his DNA. He gets in depth about his methodology and practice in getting the perfect shot with his point-and-shoot camera. He takes everything in film—not only an interesting choice in our digital world, but a commitment that’s led him to turn down a few brands who prefer digital.

Adam’s passion for the craft is contagious. Whether you have years of experience or simply trying the medium out, his thoughts about photography will motivate you to push your photos further. Fohr Ground host Tim Jeffreys was even inspired to shoot a few rolls on film after recording this episode.

And if you prefer digital, Adam might convince you to give film another try.