Avoid "Instabombing" ad fatigue in five ways

Apr 9, 2019
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Let's talk about the Insta-Bomb. First, what am I talking about? Insta-bombing is a strategy during which a large group of influencers post about a certain item or initiative at the same time or on the same day. I want to go through some pros and cons and things to watch out for if you're going to be employing this strategy.

1. Why it works: It is increasingly difficult to get people's attention on the social web and having a lot of influencers posting at the same time creates a virtual takeover of the platform for that day. It makes it hard to miss.

2. This increased attention can sometimes come at the cost of authenticity. Consumers will see an ad from a mile away and their interest in that product and those "ads" will fall quickly, known often as "ad fatigue.” Ad fatigue can be avoided by making sure you're working with a broad and diverse group of influencers.

3. Increased attention also means increased scrutiny around FTC compliance. Dior found themselves in some controversy from their recent Saddle Bag campaign, which had almost no disclosures, even though it was gifted product. If you are going to employ this strategy, make sure you insist on FTC compliance.

4. Stagger key messaging. If someone has to see an ad 10 times in a day, make sure it's different in some way. If a brand is doing an Insta-bomb, we suggest having a number of slightly different creative briefs and key message goals so those ads can built on each other to tell a more cohesive brand story, rather than just annoy consumers who are seeing the same thing over and over.

5. Stretch timing: It's our general belief that even stretching your Insta-Bomb over a week or two rather than one day is a more effective strategy. It retains authenticity, compensates for ad-fatigue and generally feels more natural.

Insta-Bombs are a fun and effective strategy but come with some complications and intricacies that are worth thinking through before you decide how to implement.

— Fohr CEO James Nord

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