The Importance of Stories in Influencer Marketing

May 15, 2019

By James Nord

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What can you do to change someone's mind? Present a list of well thought out, evidence supported facts? Absolutely not. The only way to change anyone's mind is by telling a story.

Hell, just this morning I was listening to an economic reporter talk about the effect of Trump's China tariffs on the American economy. The way he described it was by telling a story about an American light bulb manufacturer, a manufacturer who has historically refused to move their factory out of the US, and who now, because of increased prices of Chinese steel, is considering moving their factory to China.

Stories help us understand complex concepts, different viewpoints and cultures, help set societal norms, fall in love with people, brands and places. Storytelling is also universal, as old as civilization itself and is platform agnostic. You can tell a story with a meal, a photo or a poem. I truly believe that it is impossible to be an exceptional marketer if you can't tell a good story.

As you build out your influencer campaign you need to think about your brand or product’s story and how you are telling it. One mistake I think brands are making is focusing stories about the influencer, not the product. It should be a collaboration of the product and its effect on that influencer, or the influencer should be used to demonstrate that product’s unique benefits.

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