Perfect your influencer marketing process

Mar 7, 2019

I started taking photography more seriously in 2009. My mom gave me her old Canon 20D with a 50mm 1.4 lens and I had no idea what I was doing and it was fun and I was absolutely terrible. I can remember taking this picture and thinking it was so cool:


Two years later I took these these photos:

Between those photos were hundreds of thousands of other ones, each a learning experience, each a little better than the one before. I bring this up because I was saying the other day that influencer marketing, like all things, is a process. I was saying how all brands need to invest in influencer marketing if for nothing else than to get better at it.

It is to be expected that some of those first campaigns may not be as successful or powerful as you want them to be, but I think if you don’t look back and feel embarrassed over the work you put out years ago, you aren’t moving or innovating fast enough.

I hope this year for those of you who haven’t made the personal investment to try and get better at influencer marketing do, and those seasoned pros remember there is always something to learn, something to try, a way to evolve.

— Fohr CEO James Nord

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