Fohr x Occhii: Colorful Designer Label Redefining Beauty & Sustainability

Mar 27, 2019

The Fohr team believes in craftsmanship, universal beauty, and of course, chic luxury fashion. So it’s no surprise that when we connected with Occhii at the CFDA after James Nord’s talk last December, we were immediately drawn to their new brand and its powerful mission. So we organized an in-studio tour and photoshoot to support their launch.

Occhii believes that a beautiful thing is never perfect. A New York based luxury label inspired by the idea of recoding standards of beauty across genders, ages and sizes, the brand offers a curated selection of cutting-edge vêtements with a focus on individuality, unique materials and craftsmanship. Think crisp blouses, intricate and colorful prints, cropped jackets and sporadic inkblots – all created by hand. Most pieces in the collection are made from designer recycled Russian scarves, a testament to designer Leonid Batekhin’s home country. But don’t just take our word for it: the line looks anything but recycled. The line is comprised of electrifying yet sophisticated pieces that feel like they have been wrongfully separated from the Barney’s designer window mannequin they are meant to live on. The label also offers a wide range of unisex pieces, further exemplifying their answer to the call for more diversity in fashion.

Inspired by their message, and to celebrate their official launch, Fohr invited influencers to visit the Occhii founders for an exclusive look at their unique design & creation process from start to finish – all in their Chinatown studio on Pell Street. Creatives Destiny Owusu, Melissa Vale, and Hajra Tariq all came on board for the opportunity.

Designer Leonid Batehkin and cofounder Roberto Hungria met with the ladies and Leonid took them through his creation process by working on a jacket in real time. After the tour, the group picked out their looks for the shoot.

After the in-studio experience, we zipped over to the empty soon-to-be Fohr office space on Allen Street. The talented Aaron Vazquez snapped both individual and group shots of influencers decked in vibrant ensembles from the line, and executed his vision of warm tones + natural light to perfection. With the office under construction, the industrial setting provided an ideal raw backdrop for the production. The influencers shared content across their own social channels, driving some well-deserved buzz about the label.

The results: a talented group of people, striking editorial-style content, and an excellent day working on a passion-project that is not to be forgotten. We’re excited to watch Occhii take off in the world of design, stay tuned for their site launch in mid April.