Fohr Ground - Idalia Salsamendi - Episode 7

Feb 28, 2019
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Welcome to Fohr Ground: a podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

In episode seven, we hear from the brand side of influencer marketing. Tim talks with Idalia Salsamendi, a woman best described as a pioneer in the industry. At 19, she began her career in PR and quickly worked her way up. A few short years later she helped launch the talent division at NEXT Model Management and represented some of the industry stalwarts we’ve come to know and love today. From there, she left and began her own business where she consults influencers and brands alike. She’s currently the Director of Business Development Chriselle Lim, a jewelry designer, and host of The Realization Podcast.

Idalia's honest, no BS approach is something we really appreciate at Fohr—in fact, she's been a conference speaker for us two times now. You'll want to take some notes.