Fohr U: Innovation Lab on June 14

Feb 18, 2019

So often in the pursuit of self-improvement, we ask ourselves, what has changed and how do we need to change to adapt to that. What gets asked less ends up being what stays the same.

Influencer marketing is changing media and marketing at an astonishing speed and every day we push ourselves to learn new things, but we are also interested in asking what has stayed the same?

One constant is that compelling storytelling is the foundation of the industry, and so in this year’s brand conference, we want to focus on storytelling and understand how it can help us create more compelling and successful influencer marketing strategies.

Keynotes will be lead by creatives in tangential industries, and workshops will be led by industry leaders. We aim to combine the inspirational creative storytelling keynotes with the practical bespoke advice in the workshops, all working towards one goal - optimizing influencer marketing campaigns.

What’s New in 2019

After last year’s Fohr U: School of Arts & Sciences, our attendees were looking for more connections, deep discussions, and networking opportunities.

Constructive Conversations

To help everyone get acquainted and solidify their connections, we’re hosting two happy hours: one before the conference and one right at the end. We’re also building in more networking time during the conference so you can have meaningful conversations with the other attendees.

The Relationship Between Storytelling and Influencers

Influencer marketing is a rapidly changing industry. What might be applicable today may not be tomorrow, so it’s important to maintain a few guiding principles. With sessions covering an expansive range of topics, we hope to give you the push you need to move the industry forward.

Curated Strategy Tips for the Curious

Our small group workshops, led by top players in the space (Fohr team members), are designed to be tactile and will get getting into the practical, actionable advice for influencer campaigns.