My First Sponsored Post with Tracy-Ann Frazier

Feb 12, 2019

Tracy-Ann Frazier @knowingtracy is a full-time motherhood and lifestyle influencer based in California. She’s come a long way from her first sponsored post in 2015 and, to see how far she’s come, we talked to her about that first paid collaboration.

When was it?
Earlier in my blogging days—May 2015 after I accidentally stumbled upon Popular Pays, a platform that pays bloggers to create content and post on Instagram. 

What was it?
Three images to highlight a belt so that you can be hands free while working out, or on the go—sorta like a fanny pack but less chunky. 

What brand was it for?

Flipbelt—they were a startup at the time and now has made millions of sales. I'm proud to have been a part of the growth and success of this brand. 

How much were you paid?
Less than $100 and I was so excited, because at the time I had a 9 to 5 job and had to work more hours to get that pay (you know counting taxes and all). Getting paid to create content and share on social media made me realize that there was potential in turning my hobby and passion into something greater.

How did you initially feel about this post?
I was so proud of this post. This was the first time my husband, then boyfriend at the time, worked together on a project. I loved the natural feel of these photos. After all, Anthony told me to have fun and I believe that was portrayed in these photos. 

Do you like this post today?
Yes. I love it! I love the joy that shines through these images, the shrubs background, my natural hair (I had locs at the time), and how I naturally incorporated the Flipbelt. By the way, I still own and use my Flipbelt. 

What advice do you have (if any) to make this post better?
I honestly love these photos, but if I can change anything I’d wear neutral color running sneakers since it has more support, and wouldn’t take away from the focus of the neon Flipbelt.

This is the third in a series called “My First Sponsored Post” where we ask influencers to talk about their earliest brand collaboration. You can read the rest of the series here.