My First Sponsored Post with Patrick Janelle

Jan 15, 2019

This is the first in a series called “My First Sponsored Post” where we ask influencers to talk about their earliest brand collaboration. Back in 2014, @aguynamedpatrick created his first sponsored piece of content. We asked him about it below.

When was it?
January 17, 2014

What was it?

What brand was it for?
Barbour Interntaional

How much were you paid?
Nothing! I was gifted a bag, a coat, a shirt, and a pair of pants

How did you initially feel about this post?
I loved it! It was the first time a brand had reached out to work with me, and even though it was not paid (this was before paid posts really existed), I was excited that a global brand was interested in working with me base do notes creative work they had seen on my feed. Barbour connected me with Danilo Lauria, who had started making a name for himself doing stop motion videos for social media. We hit it off immediately and spent an entire 12 hour day concepting and shooting this video together.

Do you like this post today?
I love it. The fact that Danilo shot this on an iPhone (probably a 5), makes it even better.

What advice do you have (if any) to make this post better?
At the time, the hashtag #sponsored didn’t exist on instagram, and it would take a while before anyone suing the platform. So I would definitely include that language. I would probably try to use more professional equipment dos the quality would be better, but I love the raw, quirky aspect of this video that represents what Instagram was at the time.