Fohr Ground - Alyssa Coscarelli (Alyssa in the City) - Episode 4

Feb 7, 2019

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Welcome to Fohr Ground: a podcast about personalities in the influencer space hosted by Fohr’s Marketing Director, Tim Jeffreys.

In our fourth episode, Tim talks with Alyssa Coscarelli @alyssainthecity, freelance fashion writer, editor, and consultant based here in New York City.

After graduating from LIM College, she immediately started working at Refinery29 after a successful internship there. Over time, her Instagram work on the side outpaced her day job and—just two months ago—she transitioned to becoming a full-time influencer.

In this episode, Tim talks to Alyssa about that career change, where her style inspiration comes from, and how she cultivates her taste. On top of that, Alyssa opens up about overcoming doubt and finding balance between Instagram and reality.