Feature Launch: Instagram Press Kits

May 26, 2018

LOOK OUT. It's like Christmas week up in here minus the reindeer. Get ready for the final present of the week.

The third feature we're releasing for influencers is something that we've always had, but we felt needed a 'face lift', if you will. Excited to announce our brand new Presskits. Check them out attached to this email.

When you pitch brands, you want to show them your latest and greatest: your new numbers, your recent content, and you want it to look fresh as hell. But pulling all of this together can be quite the task. After all, you're (hopefully) constantly growing, your stats are always changing, and formatting can be nothing short of a horror show. 
Lucky for you, we've solved this problem by creating our downloadable Presskits. We have two versions (One revamped press kit for all of your platforms, and one Instagram specific) that are downloadable from your Fohr profile, and are always up-to-date from the day before. So with one (or two) downloads, you're equipped to hit up your dream brands, no prep necessary.

Presskits include general information including your name, location, followings, and a breakdown of posts + engagement in the past 30 days.

Instagram Presskits  have more detailed information about your Instagram Channel, including your average engagement, and several demographics about your following down to their location, and income. Plus, your 15 most recent posts show your latest aesthetic perfectly, all on one page.

So head into your profile, and bliss out on the fact that what used to take you a whole lot of effort and time, can now be done by clicking a button. We'll take your thank-you's later.

Happy downloading.