Feature Launch: Influencer Insights

May 24, 2018

Coming in hot with gift #2 of the week, and we know you're gonna love it. Meet, Insights.

The second tool we're releasing for influencers this week is one you can definitely get stoked on. This one is allll about you. Literally.

Doing what you do, we know you're always trying to evaluate your performance and gain a deeper understanding of your channel. "What kind of content resonates with my followers?" "Why did I lose 50 followers last week?" "How many people are seeing my posts?" "Do people like what I'm posting?" "How many people finish watching my stories?" Well, we've built a tool that will not only help to answer these questions, but will also allow you to optimize your performance and improve your on-social presence, all around. You'll get to know your audience like the back of your hand, up close and personal - all you have to do is connect your Business Account to your Fohr profile.

With insights, you can delve into your performance for:

- Follower Growth: How your posts and stories have affected your following

- Profile: How often your Instagram profile has been viewed and engaged with

- Overall Content: How your content has performed as a whole

- Post Content: Stats on your posts, including the most engaged, liked, commented, saved + rewatched posts

- Story Content: Stats on your stories, including the most watched, rewatched, replied to, and exited stories.

Starting today, influencers can use the feature by clicking the "Insights" tab on their Fohr Profile page. You can analyze the data (daily, weekly, or however often you please) to monitor your performance, apply your learnings from the information on this page, and make your channels more robust by applying what seems to work. You are the only one that can view this information, brands do not have access to view this data.

Sign in to your Fohr account to access Insights now.

Stay tuned for another drop, we hope you're loving them so far.