Feature Launch: Content Search & Share

May 22, 2018

It might not be your birthday, but we've got a gift for you.

This week, we’re releasing some new tools for influencers, the first is being released today, and it’s called Content Search.

Honestly, I have wanted to build this tool for years. Have you ever wanted to search your own content across multiple platforms? Yeah, we have too. It's always seemed insane that there was no way to do this, hell, there isn't even a way for you to search your own Instagram. Well that all ends today with Content Search, a new tool that allows you to find anything you've posted across all platforms.

Besides this tool being completely addictive, it's also really helpful and versatile. Here are some examples.

1. Everytime I have mentioned my company: https://www.fohr.co/jamesnord/s/bb0f312d

2. Maybe I am trying to convince Jaguar that they should give me one of their cars for free, I could send them every time I have mentioned Jaguar: https://www.fohr.co/jamesnord/s/4006146a

3. Maybe I want to send my little brother everytime I have mentioned him to prove that I care about him more than he cares about me, I'd send this: https://www.fohr.co/jamesnord/s/c703a165

4. Maybe I am in LA for a weekend and maybe I miss New York and want to see every time I have mentioned my fine city, here it is: https://www.fohr.co/jamesnord/s/2ec1a477

Starting today influencers can use the tool by clicking the "Content" section on their Fohr Profile page. Once you have entered a search term or terms, you can click the "Share Search Results" page and it will create a link you can share with brands, your followers or whoever in your life likes clicking on links. This should make reporting on campaigns and pitching brands much easier and we hope you find the tool as helpful as we do.