A Drink with James Search Engine

Mar 9, 2018
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Introducing the Drink with James Search Engine

Almost two years ago Tim said he wanted me to do a video series about influencer marketing and I said, fine but I'm drinking while I do it. Since then we have filmed 89 episodes, answered nearly 300 questions and by my estimate I have drank about 15 bottles of whiskey. Today, we are really excited to introduce a new way to explore that content with the Drink with James search engine.

We have transcribed every episode of the show and made them searchable, so you can search for "Instagram Growth" or "Negotiating " or really anything you're curious about, and easily pull coverage from every time that has been discussed on the show.

It's been such a joy to film these episodes, we're excited to keep them coming, and I appreciate every single comment, question and email I have gotten. I hope that this search engine helps you to find the answers you're looking for without having to plow through 25 hours of me running my mouth.

James Nord, CEO