Designing the New Identity

Mar 29, 2018

Continuing our discussion of the new platform, today we wanted to talk about the design team at Fohr, the visual transition from Fohr Card to Fohr, how we created a cohesive new brand design and what’s coming in the future.

The Fohr Design Team

The design team at Fohr focuses on all visual, functional and experiential design of the Fohr brand. Having a diverse background, we share the responsibility of designing all aspects of the brand from marketing collateral to branding to platform components to user feedback and research. Over the past few months, we’ve focused on bringing the new Fohr brand to life  – exploring new logos and identity, formulating new design patterns, and creating component libraries.

Problems with the Old Identity

To start, we looked back on the old Fohr Card. The old logo had a luxury appeal, referencing a script writing style of the Renaissance, and represented a different time in the influencer space. It didn’t match the influencers and brands we work with today and limited our brand voice and style. Today, influencers and their followers come from all walks of life and their personalities are unique and honest. We wanted to communicate that Fohr is approachable, honest, and straight to the point. The new logo needed to be much friendlier and stray away from the old “exclusive” tone.

Designing a New Identity

As the design process began, it became clear to our team that a symbol couldn’t truly represent Fohr. We tried hundreds of visual combinations in order to find a design that looked friendlier, help us differentiate ourselves from luxury brands, and stay true to the new tone of the Fohr brand. In the end, we decided on a bespoke wordmark that was simple and bold but with a slight human feel in the curvature of the lines. Adding a custom curve between the “h” and the “r” gave the wordmark a bit of charm and personality.

Translating the Brand

We decided early on that a modular approach to the design of the new platform allowed us the flexibility to iterate faster and maintain consistency across so many varying components. In order to design a system that was approachable, honest and straight to the point, we focused on clear navigation, a straightforward color palette, solid typographical hierarchy and a purposeful use of stylized imagery. Each new design element helped improve focus of the task at hand, highlight the new brand tone and improve understanding of the powerful data within the platform.

What’s Next?

A few months ago we set out to completely reimagine the Fohr brand. Along the way, we found better ways to talk about what we do, better ways to help our users and a more cohesive look and feel for the entire brand. For the first time, we have a solid foundation to experiment and explore. We’re excited about the new Fohr and can’t wait to see what’s next.