What's New At Fohr: The Self-Serve Platform

Mar 27, 2018

What's New On Fohr

Yesterday we talked about why we dropped the Card, and while we lost half our name we gained a lot as well. Today there is an entirely new fohr.co platform with six completely new features and ten that have been redesigned from the ground up. I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of the most exciting changes you'll see on the new platform.

Self Serve Campaigns

For the first time, we are making our internal campaign execution tools available to clients. This means you can brief influencers, set deliverables, make offers, reach out en masse to groups of influencers, negotiate, onboard influencers into a campaign, track deliverables and generate a comprehensive report.

Briefing Pages

This is the first and most important part of any influencer campaign. A page that combines background on the project, key messages, dos and don'ts, deliverables and details on those, mood boards, timing, exclusivity requirements, usage requirements, campaign posting dates and payment. It brings together every necessary piece of information into one, easy to understand page. Ultimately these pages cut down on influencer on-boarding time and makes sure the influencer is clear on what is expected, before they create and post the content.


These have been totally rebuilt, you have the basics of a report: total impressions, influencers, engagement total, engagement percentage and resulting content but we go further than that. The new Fohr reports have the combined demographic breakdown of all the influencers involved, they highlight the best and worst performing content and influencers, they include influencer audience overlap, comment sentiment and analysis as well as stats for each post included in the report.


You can now use Fohr like a CRM and send messages to one or hundreds of influencers using our outreach tool. The messages are sent from our platform, but look like a normal email, coming for your email address.


We have been collecting influencers pricing information for months and you'll see on their price ranges per platform on their profile pages. Also new, you can filter the directory by their price per sponsored Instagram post.

Questions? Say hello at sales@fohr.co