Dropping The Card

Mar 26, 2018

The concept was fairly simple; we'd create a place for influencers to consolidate all of their information in one place and provide brands with access to filter and search it. It was like an editorial model's comp card but for the digital age. We'd call it Fohr Card and have a go at it.

We'd do it because we believed that influencer marketing is a more entertaining, beautiful and effective way for brands to tell their story, and with the right technology those brands would invest more into the space. We have been doing exactly that for five years, and while our mission hasn't changed, the execution and scale has.  Along with tens of thousands of creative souls, thousands of brands and some of our talented competitors we have created not just a business, but an entire industry.    

As this industry matures and we mature with it we realized that "Fohr Card" had outgrown the name. We were more than just an influencer's Fohr Card. We are a company creating one of a kind products, we are a group of people running some of the most strategic and complex managed campaigns in the world, we are the largest influencer education resource in the world, we are a platform of over 43,000 creative, passionate people who are experts in everything from beauty to barbecue. We are all these things and more, and from today on we are just Fohr.

Have more questions about how it works? Email us: sales@fohr.co