Influence the Election

Oct 24, 2018

With a single post, Taylor Swift caused a spike in voter registration. What if we harnessed our collective power to increase voter turnout for the midterms? Can a bunch of Instagram posts change the world?

In a lot of ways that's a question we have been trying to answer since we started Fohr six years ago. Founders James Nord and Rich Tong went out with the belief that influencers could be a force of change—and that’s more relevant than ever. Whatever your political beliefs are, we think that silence is no longer an option, that silence is, in its own way, a statement.

Early voting for US midterm elections is well under way and we are just two weeks away from voting day. In anticipation, we’ve launched Influence the Election, an initiative to increase voter turnout. Whether or not you’re an influencer, if you have an Instagram account, we encourage you to pledge your support. After all, you have a following, be a leader.

We’re counting on Fohr influencers to get the word out: voting matters, and so does talking about it. You, your followers, and your followers’ followers can all be leaders.

Sound good? Here's how to get involved.

#1 Connect your Instagram

Connect your Instagram to pledge your support and we'll back your efforts with personalized Instagram Stories based on your audience.

#2 Receive Instastories

We send you Instastories to post and encourage your followers to join you to #InfluenceTheElection.

#3 Post and Share

Plan and Post. Mark Nov. 5th on the calendar as the day to post about the election the next day. Post as many #InfluenceTheElection Instastories leading up to this day as you like, but remember to remind your followers on the final day.

#4 Vote on November 6th

Get out and vote yourself!