New Additions: Week 39

Oct 5, 2018

We're happy to introduce to you some of the newest faces in the Fohr community. Whether it's in fashion, beauty, menswear, wellness, or food, these influencers offer unique perspectives to their audiences.

Fiona Dang @fionahx3 is a fashion blogger and influencer based in New York. She’s also a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Dede Lovelace @dedelovelace is an artist, DJ, actress, and skateboarder based in New York.

Amanda Davies @honeypopkisses is an award-winning, pink-haired lifestyle blogger. She loves indie brands, cruelty-free beauty, and color clashing. She’s based in Glasgow, UK.

Chaimae Boulayad Nasif @chaimae_boulayad is a certified makeup artist and influencer based in the Bay Area.

Gabriel Padilla @gabrielmpadilla is a Cuban-American model from Los Angeles based in Miami. His content is focused around men's fashion and lifestyle.

Emily Valentine Parr @stylelobster is a London-based content creator, presenter, and influencer.

Kendra Thompson @misskenk is an influencer focused on natural hair and beauty inspiration. She’s based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dhwani Parikh Shah @quirksofme is a personal style blogger from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She plays up her outfits with colors and vintage prints.

Jenny Keller is a baker and author from Seattle, Washington. She runs, an online hub where baking and party planning meet crafting, curating, and more.

Natalia Schwarz @nataliasyoga is a yogi and a wellness enthusiast. She creates mindful content around self-care, yoga, and spirituality. She’s based in Zürich, Schweiz.

Jolene Eder @boardroomblonde is a style influencer and law school graduate working in finance.