Verified Authentic Followings

Aug 7, 2017

A few months ago we released Follower Health Scores, the industry’s first comprehensive tool to show if an influencer had purchased followers. Since then our brands and internal team have been using the tool every day before working with any influencer. Our goal in releasing Follower Health was never to put fakers on blast, but instead to celebrate those influencer who had denied themselves the temptation of easy (fake) growth and build authentic, real followings.

Today, we are taking one more step towards that goal and releasing Fohr Card Verified Followings. To build this tool, we looked at benchmarks and averages from our Follower Health Tool as it related the number of bot/lurker and active followers an influencer has. Once we had those benchmarks we use our own bit of math to narrow it down to a group of influencers that we were confident had built their following authentically, without any artificial acceleration.

We want to be the first to congratulate those influencers who received their verification today on a job well done, and if you're a brand who isn't a client of ours, but you want to know if the influencers you're working with have real followings, feel free to reach out to Influencers, if you have questions about being verified, email

James Nord
CEO, Fohr Card