Announcing Follower Health

Aug 7, 2017

I remember sitting at dinner, it was December in Miami but it was unseasonably warm and our decision to sit outside starting feeling misguided. As the din of conversation rose, the group of influencers at the table started talking about fake followers: who had them, who didn't, what to do. This was a conversation I had found myself in the middle of a number of times in the month preceding, and the frustration with follower fraud was more than just bubbling at the surface.

With no way to suss out the real from the fake influencers and brands were left guessing who's following was real and who's wasn't. That is why we decided to build the first comprehensive tool for scoring the health of an influencers following.

To build the Influencer Follower Health scores, we assesses a number of factors such as followers/following ratio, username, bio, and number of posts. The scores range from -8 (the worst) to 8 (100% real and engaged); based on these scores, accounts are categorized into three categories: Active, Lurkers and Bots. Fohr Card then provides an overarching score (0 to 100%) that reflects the overall quality of the influencer’s Instagram account.

We hope that follower health is the first step in highlighting those influencers who have spent years building an authentic following, and ensuring our brand partners reward those influencers with opportunities.

If you're an influencer and want to see your Follower Health Score, just sign up here and it should be ready in a week or so.

James Nord
CEO, Fohr Card

Are you a brand and interested in this tool? Drop us a line:

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