Advanced Demographics

Oct 17, 2017

In support of our efforts to help influencers get an thorough understanding of their audiences, we have added advanced analytics around Instagram and Twitter on Fohr Card's profiles with over 10,000 in reach. Historically, the only metrics we were able to provide were gender, age and location by country. We've now expanded this to include the following: 

  • Location by country

  • Location by US state

  • Location by worldwide city

  • Personal income

  • Occupations

  • Marital status

  • Parental status

  • Brand affinities

  • Topics (hashtags habitually used by the audience) i.e. #cleanbeauty, #cleaneating

  • Likes and interests (recently expanded from 75 to 500)

  • Influences (large accounts followed)

  • Ethnicity

  • Native language

  • Religion

The implications are endless for brands and influencers alike. Take a look at a few of the sample offerings below: 

Audience Marital Status

Audience Marital Status

Audience Likes and Interests

Audience Likes and Interests

Audience Personal Income

Audience Personal Income

Audience Location by US State

Audience Location by US State

We’d love to hear how you’re using it, send any feedback directly to