Fohrmative - A Clothes Horse

Aug 3, 2016

Rebecca Stice (a.k.a. A Clothes Horse) is an American living in Northern Ireland who has been blogging about style since 2007. She was kind enough to take the time to share with us five of her most important photos, and explain a little bit about them. 

I started personal style blogging back in 2007; I didn't have a tripod or friend to help me take pictures so my early self portraits were taken with the self-timer function and my camera balanced precariously somewhere or hanging off a tree branch! I've collaborated with many photographers since then, but what keeps me blogging and so many of the pictures I love the best are simple self portraits like this. Sometimes it's frustrating trying to do all of the work by yourself, but it's also very rewarding when you actually like the finished product.

Some pictures allow me to act or look like the heroines from my favorite fiction novels growing up--this is one of those pictures. 

This picture combines my love of vintage cameras (which my husband and I collect) and a wonderful sense of adventure with all of the natural textures. This earthy palette of colors is pretty constant in nearly all of my photographs; even though I'm "fashion blogging" I love to celebrate the beauty of the natural world around me. 

This is my "postcard from orchard county Ireland," it was taken last autumn on my husband's family farm. It's beautiful to watch the orchard change with every season and apple season is one of the loveliest, although it's also the busiest on the farm and a lot of work. My mother-in-law picks apples all day with the men, but she usually does it in a dress! I've only lived here for a year, but this picture already makes me think of "home."

On this night my husband and I trekked out to Dunluce Castle (one of the most stunning castle ruins of Northern Ireland perched by the sea) and he had me climb precariously towards the edge of the cliff (which I couldn't see in the dark) and hold a light overhead while he took this picture. It was exhilarating to be on the edge of a cliff, being buffeted by the wind in near darkness and I think the finished photograph captures some of that feeling.