Fohrmative - Grant Legan

Jun 29, 2016

Grant Legan is a Los Angeles-based travel, lifestyle and editorial photographer who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including GQ, J. Crew, and Coach. Over the course of his career, he has built an extensive portfolio of beautiful and inspiring photographs. Here are his five most impactful photographs and descriptions, in his own words, on why they are so important. 

This was a project I put together alongside Ogilvy and Lincoln, an expression of creativity with four of my fellow favorite creatives. The concept was to create quietly, when social media is so loud, to focus on art and what's important and spend time just freely creating. This happened over the course of three days in white sands. 

This was taken after concepting an idea about living an adventurous lifestyle. And how one might feel like James Bond. Wore a suit, jumped in a pool. Snapped this photo. 

From the first time, I started to concept photo projects on the road. With my good friend Olivia Lopez and Laura Ellner, we took off from LA to Portland. Once we got to Portland, we were robbed and spent 36 hours tracking all of our photo equipment and computers down. We managed to get everything back from the guy that stole it from us with the power of social media. We learned something great this day and became the best of friends. Shit happens, there's always the next thing. 

The power of collaboration in a simple moment. My friend Julie sat down and saw this moment, I sat next to her to snap the duo overlooking this beautiful scene in Positano, Italy. Taken after a wonderful day exploring and learning about challenge, risk, and adventure. 

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