Fohrmative - Christian McLeod

Jun 22, 2016

Christian McLeod is a videographer and photographer with an emphasis on capturing ocean, adventure, and lifestyle images from all over the world. Below he takes us through five of his most impactful photos, with descriptions of each below. 

This image just blew up my Instagram. Posting this image brought me from 10k to 15k in a short burst. Aside from it being a personal favourite, it has really pushed my desire to search out unique and moody landscapes to compliment the stories I tell about particular lifestyles.

This image is from the first large campaign I shot in Indonesia for a company called O’Neill. The aim was to shoot, what looked like a couple, who were exploring the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka/Indonesia for a Summer 2016 Global campaign. A project that really pushed my creativity and proved my hard working ethos and professionalism. 

This image was a highlight for my photographic career, not just because it sold the most prints out of any other images I’ve had for sale, but it was also a personal aim for me to nail aerials of the Icelandic glacial rivers. For anyone who knows about aerials and rivers in arctic-esque areas, it’s incredibly hard to time right, so I was more than blown away when blue glacial water flowed over black sands and attacked from the side by red and yellow sedimentary agricultural river water. 

After making a spur of the moment decision to travel to Iceland with two good friends, our trip went from fun road trip to hectic 3 day hikes to some of the most remote areas of the world. This area, Landmannalaugar, in Iceland, takes 2/3 days to hike to. Battling through ice cold rain, and mud hills to reach these jaw dropping views made me really see the direction I wanted to take with my photography. I wanted to photograph lifestyle and fashion with dramatic landscapes in an artistic way.

This image was from a winter campaign I shot for a young company called Passenger Clothing. A trip that I designed alongside the owner, to fully represent their belief in “The Simple Life”. To show key aspects through imagery and have it easily distinguishable from their competitors. A project I am very proud of, from the Art Direction to the Filming to the Imagery produced. This is the kind of project I love shooting, and this is the image that I believe really represents the entire project.

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