Apr 7, 2016

An evening dedicated to storytelling from three successful individuals, the catch...it can't be about their line of work, whatsoever. Each person is allotted 10 minutes to talk about anything outside of their job, which can come in the form of inspiration, education, magic, a how-to, whichever they feel the need or want to share. Friends, family, clients are all in attendance with drinks and home-baked goods on deck. 

Last night's installment of TenFohr did not disappoint in the slightest. Three incredibly interesting humans, (pictured below, from left to right) Brad Smith, Michael Harb and Jacey Duprie, told tales of building DeLoreans, an obsession with Madonna, and living through a burglary in rural South Texas. 

Although these stories couldn't be more different from each other in nature, they all had one theme in common, which was that these life altering experiences occurred during each speaker's adolescence. That subtle realization and insight made many people in the room reflect on a pivotal moment or two, which has either consciously or subconsciously helped shape them into who they are today. Afterwards, people began to turn to one another and ask what they would talk about if given the opportunity. I think that was the beauty of last night's TenFohr, the audience began their evening as a pure spectator and ended it in reflection and conversation. As for the speakers it was practically the reverse, in which they started the night reflecting, sharing and ending as a spectator watching how their stories resonated with the room. 

Perhaps not every TenFohr to follow will feel the same, we will just have to wait and see. Until next time, enjoy some snaps from last night...