Fohr U - Brand Work

Apr 28, 2016

Last night we launched a new series called Fohr U, a monthly event with the goal of helping influencers grow their following by giving tactile advice. Last night's conversation was centered around brand work. Upcoming topics will include setting up your business, a basic website HTML/CSS tutorial, and many more.

Co-Founder James Nord and Account Director Grace Murray lead a wine-infused, informative discussion about the Fohr Card platform, pitching yourself, pricing, do's and don'ts, and sales processes. 

Attendees left with an array of tangible advice that could be immediately implemented into their workflow. 

And, in typical Fohr Card fashion, we closed the night out with some dancing. Roller skates may or may not have been involved.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.15.44 AM.png