Fohrmative - Jones Crow

Apr 20, 2016

We are excited to start our new series called Fohrmative, which showcases our influencer's most important and defining photos from their career, with a description about the photo from the artist themselves. Our first featured influencer is Jones CrowEnjoy!

I still can't believe I was able to capture this. I had driven to Yosemite to meet a few other photographers and when I arrived, the valley was completely fogged in. Around 3am I was about to crawl into the back of my jeep to sleep a bit before sunrise and I happen to look up and see a break in the fog. I had a gut feeling that if I went up to the tunnel view, I may be able to get a shot of the valley.

I lucked out. The moon was setting behind me and illuminated the tops of the mountains surrounding Yosemite and everything was just perfection.

This shot is just so cinematic and the colors are so on point. The shirt seems to really stand out without being too distracting.

The night I took the jeep photo was crazy. I had been driving for 11 hours already when we arrived at the location. I had no idea where we were but I some how found the exact location I was hoping for.  I got the shot I wanted and was showing my friend how to use her new camera and all the sudden this insanely bright light flew above us. It was so intense and such a quick flash that it kind of startled me. The girl I was with freaked out and we ran to the car and left, laughing out of fear. Still wonder what it was.

Probably the best morning I've ever seen. 

I grew up not far from where this pic was taken, and I've never seen the city look so incredible. It's such a challenge to wake up before the the sun and hope that you are able to shoot an incredible sunrise.

The best colors of the sunrise only last 5 minutes or so, so as you patiently wait for to come up, you hope you are standing in the right place and with the right camera settings and the right focal length. This shot worked out just right.


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