Jacey Duprie is a Quitter

Mar 2, 2016

Member Name: Jacey Duprie 

Occupation: Full-time Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Job She Quit: Assistant to Brian Grazer at Imagine Entertainment

After pursuing a career in journalism, Jacey Duprie found her way into Fohr Card’s Quitter’s Club when she switched tracks to found the fashion and lifestyle website Damsel in Dior. In just over four years, Jacey has partnered with brands like Saks, Gap and Nordstrom and made several dreams come true -- like designing her own clothing line with Splendid.

In The Blood: “I’ve always been a creative person. I play the piano and I’ve always been a writer. I love photography and painting, I just never quite found the right avenue to express all of those creative aspects of my personality. I was trying to find a job in film or television that might let me do that.”

Origin Story: “The whole time I was going through these jobs I had my blog, sort of. It was this thing I started as something to do when I was bored at E! News -- I was never bored working with Brian Grazer, there was never time to be bored -- but the blog was something I was always tinkering around with.”

The Quit Decision: “Being the daughter of a cotton farmer, I was raised with the understanding that people loved what they do for a living. My dad loved going to work every day. My mother did too, she was a music teacher. I was like, ‘This isn’t the life that I want, to wake up every day feeling miserable.’”

Sink Or Win: “I took some website classes, I dove into photography, Photoshop, coding. After I quit my job I figured, ‘I’m going to build a resume website and try to apply for a job in fashion because that is something that I’ve always been interested in, but don’t have any experience really so I’m going to wow them with my creativity.’”

That Dior Feeling: “I’ve always believed that you can dress for the job you want. That’s the meaning behind ‘Damsel in Dior.’ Dior is not meant to represent the brand Dior. It’s more of the feeling you get when you’re wearing something beautiful, such as Dior. I think people should feel that every day no matter if you’re wearing Old Navy pajamas or your favorite Hanes T-shirt. As long as you feel great in it, that's what matters.”

Damsel Takes Off: “I was on a trip to Thailand and a photograph that I posted on my trip got featured and the blog started to take off. I was building websites for my friends as a side business to stay afloat. I was like, ‘I’m going to give it a good year and see what I can do with my blog .’ It's been four years now that I’ve been doing it, and it’s been great. I feel like I finally found that one thing that makes me tick.”

Will Work For Fun: “I would email brands, I would set up meetings. I was extremely proactive. About a year later I started flying out to New York to take meetings with bigger brands like Gap and I’d just meet with people. I in no way ever expected anyone to pay me, I just thought it was fun. And when they could, brands would pay for content because they were like, ‘Wow, you're really supporting us, and we want to support you in return.’”

Pinch Me: “In the first year or two I thought, ‘This is going to all go away. It's too good to be true.’ I’m travelling and I’m getting see new places, eat great food and meet amazing people. What is this crazy amazing life that I’ve created for myself? Sometimes it's hard to believe that you’re going to have that forever.”

It’s Happening: “If I feel very passionately about working with a brand or about a project, I will make it happen like my clothing line with Splendid. I had the idea to do a cotton clothing line over two years ago and I was putting it out to the universe. Then boom! It happened.  The collection is available until April and it’s currently being sold on Splendid.com.”

Serious Business: “There are some people who do not quite understand what I do and it’s hard to explain to sometimes. To pour your life into something and sometimes not receive that validation can feel very discouraging. One of the things that drives me is the desire to earn respect in the fashion industry and the validation that I’m running a small business and I’m not just some 20 year old who is throwing up pictures on Tumblr. I’m a bit older for the blogging industry and I take my role in it seriously. “

Safety In Snapchat: “I don’t do very well in social settings, which most people don’t really know about me. A lot of people will come up to me and say, ‘Oh my God you are so funny on Snapchat. I love reading your blog.’ Because it’s just me and my phone and I forget that there are thousands and thousands of people watching. I just completely forget because it’s a safe place in my car, it’s a safe place behind my computer.”

Take A Break: “There are nights where I don’t put my phone down, I literally fall asleep with it in my hand and my husband is like, ‘Hi, I haven’t spoken to you the whole day.’ I’m just learning to shut down and take that time off because you really need it to become more inspired and rejuvenated.”

No Shortcuts: “I learned along the way how to take photos, code the back end of the site, lock in deals with brands and I just made it happen. I wanted it that bad, I just saw it and I went for it. There are no smoke and mirrors, there is no trick to growing your followers unless people are buying them which is fucking bullshit. But there is no trick to building an organic, natural following just like there is no trick to winning an Oscar.”

Take A Chance: “Trust your gut. If it’s something that you’re into it, then do it. What’s the worst that could happen? If you fall on your face at least you went for a walk and tried.”


1. Jacey with Fohr Card Client 50 Bleu in Park City 

2. Jacey during her one week car swap with Fohr Card client Range Rover 

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