Alysha is a Quitter

Feb 18, 2016

Member Name: Alysha Nett

Occupation: Full-time Model, Photographer, Blogger

Job She Quit: Head Women’s Buyer at Moose Limited

Alysha Nett entered the ranks of Fohr Card’s Quitters Club last December when she quit her fashion buyers job to take her multi-hyphenate skills full-time as a model-photographer-blogger superstar for, Inked Magazine and brands like Hugo Boss. Right now, shes in the midst of launching her own womens empowerment network called Purrpuss, and if it all sounds like a lot of work, thats because it is.

Just A Small Town Girl: “I grew up in this small town in Kansas. Back there, your jobs, especially if you're a woman, are a teacher or a nurse or a hair stylist. I had taken a bunch of business classes in school because I thought I wanted to be a financial consultant.”

Myspace Moves: “I started modeling around 19, 20. Myspace was how I first saw cool photo shoots and started modeling for fun. I started traveling up to Kansas City or down to Texas and I think Chicago was the first big city I went to. This was costing me money because I was just trying to get pictures and put myself in different markets so that people would see me, and my family hated that.”

Break Free: “I think it was my fourth or fifth trip to New York and I really didn't want to go home. I didn't care about my job, I didn't care about my boyfriend at the time. I just was over it. I went back and I moved in two weeks. I sold all my stuff and quit my job and broke up and left. I drove out with my dog to live with a friend in Philadelphia, and I stopped in Kentucky and Tennessee and North Carolina and all these places to shoot and make money along the way. I'd spend a day or two at each place and book two or three shoots a day.”

The Hustle: “I lived in Philadelphia for about two years and I only relied on my modeling. I would take the bus up to Boston or I would drive to upstate New York and do that little Tri-city area. North Carolina or West Virginia was about as far south as I went. That lifestyle is hard for me, but I’m glad I did it because I made a lot of friends in many, many states and that's a lot of connections. It also taught me a lot as far as standing on my own two feet and being on my own.”

Big In Europe: “When I went over to Europe for the first time for a cover shoot with FRONT Magazine, that's when I decided to use my Instagram. I had basically been using Tumblr at this point and once I started Instagram I just sent my audience from one media platform to the other and gosh, that one just kind of took off.”

West Coast, Best Coast: “I moved to Los Angeles in May 2012, and I had a really wonderful summer. I met a lot of people, did a lot of work, and after about six months I was referred to an online retailer, Moose Limited, to be their new women's buyer. I worked there for three years as the head women's buyer and I also ran the Instagram, did some influencer partners and photo production. I was on set every time we did photo shoots. I casted all of our models, styled all of our shoots and set up all of our shots.”

 The Quit Decision: “I worked at Moose Limited for a few years and I learned a lot. I didn’t feel like I was able to a hundred percent flourish with that company. I appreciate all that they did for me, but at the same time I felt like I was constantly hitting a wall where I just couldn't quite do exactly what I wanted.”

Morning Glory: “Being able to wake up every day and work on whatever I want to work on is definitely an amazing feeling. Being able to choose, ‘Today, I'm going to edit photos,’ or ‘Today, I'm going to work on a YouTube video,’ or ‘Maybe today I'm not going to do any of those things and I'm just going to hang out with my dog.’ Just the freedom to choose is what's the best.”

A New Purpose: “I started a new side project with a colleague called Purrpuss, which is like a women empowerment network. Right now, it’s a blog where we put our photo stories of women who we’re shooting. The store will be opening hopefully by the end of the month, with more stylized lifestyle shirt designs for different girls, and 10 percent of our proceeds going back to our community through our women's shelters and our children's homes.”

It’s My Time: “It’s hard to put that much effort and care that much about someone else's project, whereas if it's my own, like with Purrpuss, I feel like I can put my work into that and know that it's going towards something that I care about. I think I'm just meant to be an entrepreneur.”

Started From The Bottom: “I’ve never asked my parents for money. I’ve never depended on somebody else to pay my bills or to help me, so it was a struggle the whole way. I work hard to be able to live the life that I have and the life that I show on social media. A lot of people give people flak about that, like you're setting these unrealistic expectations, but I don't think that's fair. This really is my life. This really is how I live. I worked really hard to be able to do that.”

Keep On Surviving: “Trust yourself. Don't give up. You might have to get a part-time job, you might have to do something else in the meantime, but I think the difference between people who make it and people who don't is just who can last the longest and who's not going to give up.”


Photos by Kenny Sweeney