Seduced by Fleur du Mal

Sep 10, 2015

"Seduce us with your original ideas, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded."

That’s the promise influencers can find on Fleur de Mal’s brand page on Fohr Card. Let us show you how Fleur du Mal kept its promise, and reached more than 13 million impressions without any additional budget

When joining Fohr Card through its subscription service, the brand was looking to:

  • Increase its awareness, social presence and following
  • Build relationships with influencers who were authentically interested in their designs and wanted to be involved in the emergence of the brand.

Every annual Fohr Card subscriber is entitled to a Brand Card in our influencer facing Directory. Once the Card is up, it is visible to all influencers on Fohr Card, who can then begin pitching their original ideas for collaboration. This means Fleur du Mal could choose which ideas they liked and get in touch with those influencers directly. You can:

  • Introduce your brand and designs
  • Outline the type of influencers you are looking to connect with
  • Explain what kind of collaborations you are interested in to our community of over 6000 active influencers

Here are some ideas that became reality:

Le Grand Shumba

DJ and style muse Alix Brown from Le Grand Shumba reached out to Fleur du Mal to pull pieces for a 70s-inspired shoot, as well as DJ at Fleur du Mal and Fohr Card's iconic F*wednesdays events at the Blind Barber.


The Lo Down

Lo Bosworth is a TV personality, professional chef and fashion and beauty lover who blogs about food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle on The Lo Down. She partnered up with Fleur du Mal for a Valentine's Day special that explored seductive outfit options for the holiday of love.


It’s Miss Alissa

Miss Alissa is a NYC-based actress, model and blogger who works with a variety of up-and-coming photographers for beautiful photo shoots that tell vivid stories. In collaboration with Fleur du Mal, she styled the new collection for a vintage photo series in an intimate setting in a lived-in apartment. 


My Daily Drawings

Screenshot 2015-06-29 11.39.44.png

A fashion illustrator with a unique style, Blair Breitenstein has become famous for her playful drawings that feature sensual models, bold cat eyes and just the right amount of quirk. Blair reached out to Fleur du Mal to create a series of drawings under the #fleurdumal hashtag.


Wish You Were Here

Bethany Joy Lenz is an actress, director and musician - best known for her appearance on the show One Tree Hill - who launched her personal blog Wish You Were Here in February 2015. She styled the iconic Fleur du Mal Bullet Bra for her feature The Daily Delicious, in which she shares one of her favorite items a day.


The result? Without any additional cost, Fleur du Mal was not only able to reach over 13 million impressions on social media alone but also built a vast image bank filled with beautiful and authentic shots. What can you take away from this?

  • A subscription with Fohr Card allows you to set up a brand page one time – and let the influencers come to you with creative ideas for collaboration
  • You can let your brand and product speak for itself and attract influencers at no additional cost
  • Many influencers, irrespective of how large their reach is, or how much brands usually pay for sponsored posts, are often still interested in collaborating with emerging brands that they find exciting

Ask our team about our limited packages for emerging brands and designers.