To the moon, Alice!

Mar 23, 2015

Experiencing cabin fever? These four new bloggers at Fohr Card will ease your travel bug with their adventures around the world.

1. Field & Forest

Get lost with Emanuel Smedbol in Canada’s wilderness and explore the natural beauty viewed through his lenses. Wonder through his photography and experience what nature has to offer.

2. Ponytail Journal

Travel with Lauren Yates from Bangkok to around the world as she bonds with the locals. Her spirited posts and snapshots of delicious foods will have you booking a flight in no time. 

3. Mr & Mrs Globetrot

Globetrotters Yuriy and Julia not only explore their scenic backyard in Seattle, they also explore natural wonders around the world! The duo’s photography emits a refreshing look at nature and its true beauty.

4. Red Lips + Tortilla Chips

Bon voyage! Escape with Lauren Cunningham as she travels from her hometown Seattle to iconic destinations around the world. The snapshots of her trips to Europe and her meals are vibrant and inspirational.

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