Introducing: Your Evangelists

Jan 28, 2015

When we built search, we did it with the idea of providing an easy, effective way to find and report on all of the content that was being posted about a certain term, hashtag or brand name. Search works incredibly well for those use cases, but over the last few months we have noticed that it is less effective in finding which influencers are talking about your brand the most. 


That is what we have solved for with Evangelists, a new feature that lets you see a feed of the influencers who are talking about your brand the most. We calculate this by adding up the impressions from their coverage of your brand on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube Pinterest and their blogs. Under their name is a breakdown of the content they have produced in the last six months about your brand along with the impression information and buttons to contact, favorite, add to list or download PDF. Also, with fashion week looming we included information on which fashion weeks a specific influencer will be attending, making it easy to get your biggest fans to your show or event.