Who to Know Before the Shows

Jan 21, 2015

Ever since the first fashion blogger sat front row at a show, there has been a healthy debate within the community on the role bloggers and influencers ought to play in fashion weeks around the world. Will it be a fad? Do they deserve the attention and success they've found? Are fashion blogs dead? The debate raged on, rages on, and all the while influencers only become more influential, more essential.

Years later, all of the world's major, leading fashion brands have embraced influencers as part of Fashion Week.

With this welcome though, there has never been an easy, organized way for brands to know who would be in New York?  Would they be in London or Paris as well?  And perhaps more importantly, there was never an easy way to quickly see each influencer's top content and social media stats to decide whom to invite.

Today we are changing that by launching our brand new Influencer Packages. Starting with New York, we have compiled a list of who is attending each of the fashion weeks around the world in a beautiful, easy-to-read, format. 

We believe that a standardized, honest registration system is the first step in organizing the confusing process of inviting bloggers and influencers to fashion week.

With over 1,220 influencers attending shows this year (who reach over 100 million unique followers/mo!), we know every fashion designer and brand will be surprised, inspired and intrigued by someone they never otherwise would have known about.  I know we have been.