Introducing : Fohr Card One Pagers

Jan 15, 2015

We’re really excited to be launching another new feature available through Fohr Card – One Pagers. 

When you visit an influncers Fohr Card Profile, you will now see a 4th button under their name (circled on the far right), click this and you’re able to download a one page PDF profile summarizing the stats you’ve come to know and love as well, as additional contact information such as mailing addresses and phone number.


For brands this means

  • A beautifully designed way to view Fohr Card influencer stats offline.

  • Less time creating PDF presentations with your selects for campaigns.

  • Less time chasing mailing address and contact numbers, simplifying your campaign rollouts.

For influencers this means;

  • A beautifully designed one page PDF media kit, updated daily with your new follower counts.

  • You can provide your Fohr Card stats to your extended base of brand contacts

  • Your contact information is now available to brands with a Fohr Card subscription, simplifying product mail outs to your address.

As with all our product launches, we’re aiming to streamline brand and influencer relationships even further, to lighten your workload, leaving you with more time for the parts of your job that you love. We hope Fohr Card One Pagers does just that.