Register for Fashion Week(s) Now

Jan 13, 2015

Planning on attending Fashion Week F/W 2015, in New York, London, Milan or Paris this season? Registering to Fashion Week through Fohr Card is the first step in accessing events and opportunities from the world’s best brands. Fohr Card clients, including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and over 90 others, use Fohr Card’s RSVP system to alert them to who will be in town when the action hits. 

Registration through Fohr Card is now open, and allows you to potentially gain access to events, presentations and shows. Once you are registered, you will be included in the Fohr Card F/W 2015 Influencer Package, which will be distributed to ALL fashion week designers, beauty brands & PR agencies (listed below). Registering through Fohr Card will help you to be considered for invitations to events for all 4 fashion weeks.

Important Information: 

  1. You MUST register prior to the registration end date for the city or cities (indicated below) you are attending, in order to be included in the corresponding week's F/W 2015 Influencer Package.
  2. DO NOT register for any fashion week until you are 100% sure you are attending, you can always change your registration if your plans change.
  3. Registering through Fohr Card does not guarantee you access to any fashion week events, but does increase your visibility to the brand who make those decisions. 
  4. Fashion Week Registration Closes on the following dates (ending at 12:00PM EST):

Jan 19:  New York | Jan 26:  London | Feb 2:  Milan | Feb 9:  Paris

If you have questions about your registration, please reference the FAQ section below or contact