Rethinking Anne Klein

Dec 3, 2014

Anne Klein has been a staple in the American womenswear market for over 40 years. The brand has established itself as a being a go-to for the modern woman: uncomplicated, professional, iconic and classic. 

The problem was that this new generation of young, modern women do not have Anne Klein in front of mind when making purchase decisions. They associate Anne Klein with a demographic older than they are, dressing for environments not relevant to their lives. We wanted to change that.

The campaign is set to run throughout the month of December, but in the run up to it we decided to take a group of influencers to the Catskills to accomplish a few things:

  • Build excitement and awareness using the #AKUpstate hashtag ahead of 3 weeks of sponsored posts from around the country
  • Create social content for the Anne Klein team to use on their own channels
  • Take influencers to shoot locations that would normally be out of reach, thus elevating the content quality.

So how did it go? We spent 2 very cold days running around Phoenicia and managed 

  • 1.77 million social impressions 
  • Delivered over 400 photos, covering 10 looks and 12 locations to the Anne Klein team!
  • Anne Klein social following growth of 10%

What can you take away from this? 

  • Creating experiences is an amazing way to get really authentic coverage from the influencers you want to work with, we added over 1.7 million impressions to the total by taking them somewhere interesting
  • Changing brand perception can be difficult, and Anne Klein knows this, which is why they knew this campaign could not just be sponsored posts
  • Using influencers as models is a great way to get a huge amount of content for your brand's own social channels. Opt for influencers who are not ranked in the top 100 as they are more likely to get excited about an opportunity like this 

Special thanks to Graham & Co, The Phoenicia Diner, Jaguar and Anne Klein for making this all happen. If you are not already make sure you are following Jag Lever, EJK Photo, Who is Apneet and Prosecco & Plaid.