A Better Way to Search

Dec 3, 2014

Since Fohr Card launched nearly two years ago, we’ve made it simple to discover influencers based on categories they post in and their location. But what if you want to be more specific than that?

We have been busy building something cool to solve that very problem: Fohr Card Search

All of our community connect their accounts when they sign up to Fohr Card so we are able to pull in, save, and make searchable ALL of their content across all social channels. It allows you to gather any content created around any term and all platforms simultaneously, making it the most targeted fashion, beauty and lifestyle search engine in the world.

Search helps you: 

  • Discover influencers who are already posting about your brand, so you can find brand loyalists to collaborate with. Example: Nike
  • Find influencers who are talking about your competitors, so you can try to convert them to advocates for your brand instead. Example: Adidas
  • Find influencers who are talking about a specific theme (e.g. fitness, yoga, pregnancy, NYFW, surf, vacation) so you don’t have to plough through hundreds of blogs and social channels manually. Example: Fitness
  • Seamlessly track the content being produced around your campaign. Example: #MyCalvins

The data for these rankings is based on OAuth 2.0 verified social media data of 3,226 bloggers on Fohr Card. The data sources include Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Wordpress & Blogspot.

Let us know how you’re using search — we always love hearing about amazing work being created through Fohr Card.