Find the Right Influencer with the Fohr Card Team

Dec 19, 2014

Our Influencer Directory is home to more than 4000 fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creators’ Fohr Cards. But every now and then we have a client looking for something really specific that they haven’t been able to find.

A lot of our clients don’t realise is that our team is happy to look outside Fohr Card for you to solve that problem. As part of your subscription, our team will take on the manual digging, so you can focus on creative solutions rather than administration.


1. We want Fohr Card to be the epicentre of your influencer strategy, so if there’s something that you’re not getting, we want to hear about it, and we want to get it done for you. 

2. Our team is still a small one, so we don’t have someone constantly performing community outreach. Influencers generally come to us and sign up after they hear about us through press, word of mouth, or our clients requesting to see their Fohr Card. But when we see a gap, or when our client can’t find what they’re looking for, we jump straight to it. 

3. We think it’s fun. We spend most of our time building technology to help find influencers seamlessly and efficiently. But if they’re not the right fit, we like taking it on ourselves to make sure we find someone who is. We love seeing quality collaborations between our influencers and brands, so when it comes to finding niche, high quality content creators, we’re all for putting in a little elbow grease. 

Here are some examples of collaborations that have happened after our team has gone out and filled a gap in our Directory. 


What they said to us: 

"I’d love your thoughts on some of the top health & wellness bloggers based in Chicago. I’ve had a look in the Directory and there are a tonne who do beauty generally, and I know most will have a focus on beauty & fashion, but I was hoping we could come up with one really high quality one that pays more attention to health and wellness."

What we did for them: 

1. Manual research (Googling, editorial lists, scouring Instagram, asking for personal recommendations).
2. Reached out to 10 x beauty and lifestyle influencers who were not yet on Fohr Card.
3. Onboarded them so Bobbi Brown could see their reach.
4. Highlighted The Everygirl as our pick.

What happened: 

The Everygirl signed on to Fohr Card and we were able to see they were reaching approx. 350K people p/month on their website alone. Bobbi Brown reached out directly and negotiated the collaboration, which delivered them approximately 500K impressions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the blog post.  



Bonobos had a group of key menswear influencers that they had been working with on an on-going basis. Upon signing on as clients, they requested some introductions to community members that we thought would be a good fit. We made that happen, but they also let us know that they were hoping to spark up a relationship with High Fashion Men.

What we did for them: 

1. Reached out to High Fashion Men, as they were not yet on Fohr Card.
2. Had him sign on and connect his accounts, which showed us that he was reaching over 1 million people
3. Made an introduction via email.

What happened: 

High Fashion Men met with the Bonobos team at one of their guide-shops, which was their current promotional focus. He was fitted for an outfit that they gifted to him, and he created a beautiful blog post about the experience supported by social on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The series of posts resulted in 2.05million impressions.


What they said to us: 

Anne Klein asked us to run a holiday campaign on their behalf throughout November and December. As part of this campaign, Anne Klein wanted 15 personal style influencers who embodied their classic, professional and independent brand values, while bringing a contemporary edge that they were lacking. We pitched them approximately 25 influencers from our Directory, but there were a few they were unsure of. They asked us to do a little digging and see if we could bring in a star player to elevate the campaign to the next level. 

What we did for them: 

1. Manual research (Googling, editorial lists, scouring Instagram, asking for personal recommendations).
2. Reached out to 10 x influencers who we felt fit the bill that were not yet on Fohr Card.
3. Onboarded them so Anne Klein could see their reach.
4. Highlighted Lo Bosworth as our pick.

What happened: 

Lo signed on within 5 minutes of us sending her an email. We met her for a drink and chatted about what she had on the horizon, and asked her to be a part of the AK holiday campaign. She accepted, and posted content to her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and blog, which resulted in an enormous 4.72m impressions.

We are constantly working to build technology to make you more effective and efficient in your job, so you can worry less about admin, and focus more on creating beautiful content. 

If our technology isn’t giving you want you need, let us know. As well as being a tech platform, we’re a passionate team who are determined to be your complete go-to guy for influencer strategy.