Two Email Templates that Get Responses

Jan 12, 2015

We have told you a bit about how to find email addresses for brands you were trying to pitch, now that we have that I wanted to share some emails that have worked for me over the years when I am reaching out to a contact at a brand who I have not spoken to before. I like to use a "Referrals Email" which simply asks the recipient to connect me with the person at their company who handles the thing I am looking to do, in your case, influencer relationships. 

First a few things to remember when reaching out cold

  1. They didn't ask for this email so be brief and make your ask of them as easy as possible.

  2. All you want out of your first email is for them to answer and start a conversation, DON'T try and sell in your entire project in the first email.

Now a few subject lines that work well, keep them short, most people will be getting these on their phones. 

  1. Trying to connect 

  2. A quick request 

  3. Introduction 

Email Templates 

Short Referral Email

Hello {contact name},

My name is {your name} and I run the blog {blog name}, which focuses on {your blog's focus or differentiating characteristic}. I was wondering if you could point me to the person at {contact's company name} who handles your influencer relationships. 

Thank you!

Longer Referral Email 

Hello {contact name},

My name is {your name} and I run the blog {blog name}, which over {your total reach i.e. 200,000} people visit every month for {what do you talk about "style tips", "inspiration for dressing and living better" etc} . I have always been a huge fan of {brand name} and have an idea for a collaboration I think you would be perfect for. 

I guessed that you would be the right person to speak to about this, but if not I was hoping you could point me in the direction of the person at {brand name} who handles blogger collaborations. 

If that is you I would love to schedule some time to talk, how is {date, time}.

Thank you! 

Both of these emails will result in one of three things 

  1. They won't respond (follow up!)

  2. They will give you the contact information of the person you should be speaking with

  3. They will connect you with who you should be speaking with

Reaching out to a brand outside of Fohr Card and without an intro isn't ideal, but it's not impossible to make valuable connections from it.