Why Miss Alissa's Pitch Worked

Dec 10, 2014

Earlier this week we spoke about Frankie and his pitch to Kenneth Cole to produce a shoot for their Hudson sandal this past Summer. Today, we’re highlighting a personal style blog pitch and the importance of an authentic fit between the brand and blogger.  

Miss Alissa is an actress and model based in New York City who started her own fashion blog when she saw her Instagram followers starting to climb.

 Alissa viewed Dagne Dovers Brand Card in the Fohr Card Brand Directory and saw that they were looking for “women's lifestyle and fashion bloggers who are seeking out the "perfect handbag" -- a classic luxury handbag that also helps you stay organized as you run around town and jetset around the world” 

As a woman on the move, Alissa saw this as a natural fit and reached out to the brand mentioning:

I am an actress and model so I’m ALWAYS on the go. I am constantly carrying 2-3 bags around with all the things I need to take with me for the day. Your totes are THE perfect accessory for someone like me and I think my following would really love them too! I would take photos with one of the many photographers I work with here in NYC, post them on my Instagram (23k Followers), Twitter, Blog and tag you (of course) and provide you with hi-res photos to use for any marketing you have!

Melissa Mash, Founder of Dagne Dover read Alissa messages and replied right away and began the collaboration. 

Alissa was incredibly enthusiastic about our brand and has already taken really fantastic pictures. We just wanted cool people who embody our brand aesthetic to take pictures with our product in a really natural way. Alissa has been the perfect brand ambassador for us.

Key Takeways


  • Real Excitement: Alissa was excited about the brand and could use the product within her daily life (we had breakfast the other day and her Dagne Dover bag was in tow)
  • Great Styling: Alissa has an edgier style than Dagne Dover, but she was able to style the product in a way that felt authentic to her aesthetic and made sense for the brand. 
  • The proposal was clear, concise and proposed deliverables.
  • Over deliver: Alissa over delivered by posting more Instagram images than agreed upon. (1,2)

With two images already posted to Instagram here and here and three blog posts in the making, this is a relationship that we hope will continue for a long time to come.

If you are interested in working with either Alissa or Dagne Dover, send them message today.