Pricing FAQs

Dec 12, 2017

Since our launch in 2012, we've been building tools to help streamline the way brands and influencers work together. We've run hundreds of influencer campaigns, and millions of dollars, through our tools over the past three years and are now taking the first steps in releasing our Campaign tools directly to our existing client base of over 200 of the worlds leading brands and agencies. This will allow our clients to run their own influencer projects directly through the Fohr Card Campaign platform, without assistance from our Account Management team, giving you more direct relationships with those brands. 

The first step in helping you to secure more partnerships with these brands, is to release your prices for sponsored posts, which you can do directly through your Fohr Card settingsThis pricing information will be used to help a brand determine who, and what, they can expect to fit within their budget. 

We know this is a highly sensitive and important part of your business, and I'm sure you have questions so let me answer a few of them here:

What is the pricing form and why should I complete it?

We are asking for a pricing range on your sponsored posts rate from the lowest price you'd accept to the higher end of what you'd ask for a sponsored post. This will be published on your Fohr Card profile, and will allow brands to Filter for Influencers who fit within their budget, or to search for you specifically, to see what you would charge, should they reach out to you.

Your price should be based on the cost for one single post on each of your social platforms. The low and high should be based on the reality of what your posts range from, on the low side it should be for a very easy collaboration with a brand you love and thus might give a little deal to, and on the high end it should be a more involved collaboration with a less desirable brand. We understand that the “high end” could be infinite, who wouldn’t want $100,000 for an Instagram, but please be realistic. 

But I don't have a set rate? It depends who the brand is and what they are asking for.

We hear you. We'll be working on educating our brands and agencies of the full range of things that can affect pricing, from brand, to the complexity of their ask, to timing, exclusivity, usage, etc, and will ensure that we're communicating that this is a negotiation starting point, and not the final rate for each and every ask. Our hope is that this will help in setting realistic expectations of what is a fair ask, on both sides. 

These ranges can be changed at any time by into your Fohr Card settings

Why should I do it? Do I have to?

Brands and Agencies will be using this information to find influencers who best fit their projects. Inputting your pricing/rate card isn't a mandatory requirement, but we will then put estimates on your profile based on the averages we are seeing for your follower range on each platform. 

Who can see my pricing? 

Brands and Agencies who have a subscription to Fohr Card which includes over 200 amazing brands and agencies across Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle categories. This wont be public facing, so this information is secure.

Can I see what others influencers are charging? 

No. Influencers rates will be confidential between other influencers. 

Will this be added to my Fohr Card PDF press kit?

Not at this point. This will be available on your Fohr Card profile within the website, but wont be added to your downloadable press kit

This will hopefully be the first step in getting you all access to more campaigns and promoting transparency in an industry that has so long been devoid of it.  Have more questions? Check live chat is available during business hours on your pricing page.