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Rebecca Minkoff x Janelle Kroll

There are many ways to collaborate and build relationships with great influencers that don't involve a big budget - and Fohr Card can help you find the right way to go about it.

Here's one example: Our subscription client Rebecca Minkoff came to us with the task of finding influencers to dress for the music festival Lollapalooza. The goal? Drive traffic to their brand's Instagram account. So, we connected her with just the right influencer: Up-and-coming music artist - and veritable cool girl - Janelle Kroll.

Janelle Kroll, who is not only known for her beats but also her effortlessly chic style, was getting ready for her debut performance at Lollapalooza festival. So, what better way to create awareness than dressing a young talent at such an important event? Janelle also took over Rebecca Minkoff's Instagram showing the audience what she was up to the day before her big performance - and getting everyone excited for Rebecca Minkoff's new collection, of course.

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Seduced by Fleur du Mal

Seduced by Fleur du Mal