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Fastest Movers This Month

Fastest Movers This Month


This week all of the talk has been about the Instagram Rapture, and we talked with Fashionista about how we thought this was actually a really good thing for the Fohr Card community. One of our co-founders also laid out his thoughts on Medium. Today we wanted to highlight the influencers on our platform who have had the largest GAINS on Instagram in the last month. In first is Ann Kim from ANDY HEART who was featured by Instagram and had an 80% jump in following!  

1. @andyheart 

+54,836 (+80.31%)

A photo posted by Ann Kim (@andyheart) on


2. @asshly_officialblog

+2,585 (+71.0%)

3. @lecitykitty

+8,128 (+63.23%)

4. @kiermellour

+7,546 (+48.16%)


5. @bratfashionista

+1,366 (+45.76%)

A photo posted by Brittny (@bratfashionista) on

6. @thedevandubois

+3,308 (+45.42%)

7. @styledby_lyndi

+1,239 (+39.95%)

8. @theitmom

+2,082 (+34.33%)

A photo posted by Daisy Teh (@theitmom) on

9. @horsesandheelsofficial

+927 (+33.53%)

10. @happilyhughes

+1,828 (+33.35%)

Brand vs Influencer Content

Brand vs Influencer Content

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Find the Right Influencer with the Fohr Card Team